Business centre Lvivo st. 68A




25 500 sq. m




competition entry


Milda Rekevičienė, Andrius Kamičaitis, Eimantas Drapanauskis, Karolina Martinkėnaitė, Darja Berkovič, Lukas Rekevičius

AKETURI competition vision for the territory of Lviv st. 68A in Vilnius  – currently a largely empty site, is like a missing piece of the puzzle of the CBD block – the design of the buildings on the site creates a clear western boundary for the CBD. Neighbors – Park Town and K29 business centers – surround the plot from two sides, thus turning the new complex into a new central axis in the ensemble of three buildings. The mentioned context poses the task of not being too visually distant from the existing environment, but at the same time subtly distinguishing the new project from its neighbors. Site is made even more interesting by the fact that it opens from many different perspectives – not only from different angles and distances, but also from different heights (Ukmergės hill, Ozo hills). High perspectives dictate the necessity of a clear silhouette that can be perceived from afar – for this, “exposed” corners of the building are created, the direction, sizes, and shapes of which correlate with the surrounding buildings.