SPA Vilnius Anykščiai




12 500 sq. m




competition 2nd place


Lukas Rekevičius, Milda Rekevičienė, Eimantas Drapanauskis, Andrius Kamičaitis, Simonas Kazlauskas

Site position and expression provide an opportunity to create a project embedded in the legendary Anykščiai thicket mentioned in Lithuanian poetry. The main task and vision of the project is to provide a shelter for wildlife without compromising on the comfort of recreation and services. Complex is designed to serve different groups of people at the same time, but to create the impression that each person entering the complex will be surrounded by an oasis of peace. Architectural solutions reflect the vision of the whole complex – the multi-purpose function is inserted into the volumes of the shredded scale, which, with the help of transparent areas and “screens”, brings people inside the buildings closer to nature, creating a feeling of lightness and transparency.