Ignalina venue hall


Ignalina ditrict


2 350 sq. m




Project proposal


Lukas Rekevičius, Milda Rekevičienė, Edita Serapinaitė, Eglė Lygnugarienė

The site is set in a scenic territory of the Ievalaukis Sports and Recreation Center near Ignalina, in Aukštaitija National Park. The plot has an expressive topography, is surrounded by nature, next to the forest and Lake Dringis.
The building is formed on the existing slope immersing the volume and pouring it harmoniously into the unique natural setting. The stairs leading to the building, emerge into a two-volume terrace and end with a 3-meter balcony overlooking a captivating panorama. It is the axis that connects the building to the whole plot and leads towards the shore of the lake. The roof as the main facade of the building is designed for both function and appeal. One part of the roof will be planted with greenery, and the other one is to be used as a terrace for creative activities in the summer. Architecturally high-quality and spacious interior premises ensure possibilities for various recreational activities. The building is designed with lounges, leisure rooms, and the main hall applicable for multiple leisure and sports activities suited for both children and adults.