Lakeside Villa


Zarasai region


136 sq. m






Milda Rekevičienė, Alda Tilvikaitė, Guoda Bardauskaitė, Norbert Tukaj, Lukas Rekevičius


Norbert Tukaj

It seems as if an archetypical rural homestead has barely changed and somehow never goes out of date or trend for that matter. Nature and the landscapes it forms was and to us at least, still is the ruling factor that determines architectural approach working in a site like this. Melted into the scenery, quiet and with respect to its surroundings, the form of the building seems to be right at home. Compact rectangular perimeter with a high pitched roof is a triumph of simplicity and modest manner. However, settling only for the essentials in terms of expression does not mean giving up on functionality or well-being. It is a retreat from the city but not its comfort. When dealing with a project of this nature, details or rather visual absence of them is what really shapes its distinct character. A single well implemented detail like a window blind makes the whole difference. Folded and secure while empty building all of a sudden becomes alive and always greets the world with just as much joy as the last time.