Residential and business quarter Lvivo st. 59




55 000 sq. m




Competition 1st place for masterplan

Technical project


Lukas Rekevičius, Milda Rekevičienė, Eglė Lygnugarienė, Jefte Samuel Mora Morales, Kazimieras Kasteckas, Gabrielė Griušytė, Edvinas Voiskunovič, Karolina Martinkėnaitė, Eimantas Drapanauskis, Kotryna Žirgulytė, Jovita Brinkevičiūtė


In collaboration with Arches

The site is one of the last places to build a high-rise building overlooking the best views Vilnius has to offer. It is also one of the last missing ingredients needed for Vilnius Central Business District (CBD), to become lively place bustling with people, who work, live, come, eat, drink, relax, do business or spend their free time.

The tangible size, scale and ambition of the site and the buildings envisaged allow us to think of a unique opportunity to make a significant impact not only on the immediate context but also on the development of the CBD as a whole.

We believe that in a project of this size, individual buildings must tell their stories, speak their architectural language, have their own characters – basically, repeat the success story of the cosy Vilnius Old Town, being that warm spaces and different buildings, different languages, different architecture. We aim to follow the same principle in this area – a cosy, inclusive interior space in the quarter is the main axis, surrounded by different buildings for different people and different needs with a vibrating silhouette.