Sodų St. 6 Apartments




7 900 sq. m






Lukas Rekevičius, Milda Rekevičienė, Alda Tilvikaitė, Urtė Kavaliauskienė, Valdonė Mitkevičiūtė, Eimantas Drapanauskis, Eglė Lygnugarienė, Edita Serapinaitė, Jefte Samuel Mora Morales


Norbert Tukaj

The main idea of ​​the multi-apartment building complex was to create a cozy, old-town essence possessing structure with courtyard spaces and a perimeter of two to three-story buildings with an attic. Due to the irregular shape of the site and the rising topography, the complex is divided into two courtyard terraces connected by a staircase. It is in this place that the value of cultural heritage has survived – the remnant of a secession fence. This fragment remains integrated into the new structure as an exhibit.
The building facing the street is like a gateway of the quarter, through which the residents of the complex enter the courtyard buildings. Thus, a pattern of perforated bricks with a specific shading effect was introduced to accent it. This façade material – brick – is typical of the old town and contextually fits in with the adjacent buildings. Also, the aim of this building was to maintain the gateway positioning of the buildings that once stood here at the bend of Sodų Street and to preserve the existing valuable 18th-century vaults underneath the building.