Ministries Quarter




54 000 sq. m




competition 2nd place


Milda Rekevičienė, Andrius Kamičaitis, Gabrielė Griušytė, Diana Čižaitė, Birutė Jankauskaitė, Gvidas Nienius, Jovita Brinkevičiūtė, Lukas Rekevičius

ACORUS project goal is to resolve urban, historical and cultural problems, that lie within the site: to restore historical street, to honor Tatar’s local heritage, to humanize the urban structure of the quarter and to form engaging public spaces. The solid volume of phase 1 is designed to create a strong perimeter of Lukiškių and Mečetės streets with an expressive portal that allows the restored historical street to enter into the quarter and form the landmark of the entire ministry campus. Two streets (historic Ajerų and newly created Ministerijų) divide the quarter into three blocks of suitable size with main public spaces – representative Santaros square in front of the river and internal Totorių square. As Tatar culture is associated with the ayer, Acorus calamus becomes a symbol of the union of cultures and is subtly integrated into the design of the square.

Existing buildings of Phase 2 are preserved and expanded to form a perimeter on Goštauto Street. The composition of the facades of new buildings and extensions is proposed to be done in one homogenous theme, maintaining the similar rhythm of windows and partitions.

Each project phase forms an open, lively and functional quarter and modern representation of the state.