Gymnasium in Vilnius




9000 sq. m




competition 3rd place


Milda Rekevičienė, Valdonė Mitkevičiūtė, Karolina Martinkėnaitė, Julija Karazo, Gvidas Nienius, Viktorija Narbutaitė

Silvestria (Latin: silvestris – forested, wooded, overgrown with trees) is a space surrounded by forests and nature. The unique character of the site is intended to be preserved and emphasized by the planned buildings.

In search of an urban idea, the aim was to preserve the most vital groups of pine and oak trees and create visual and physical connections with the forest and picturesque surroundings of Jeruzalės pond. For this reason, the school building’s volume is formed along the eastern edge of the plot, with the short edge facing M. Marcinkevičiaus street, thus preserving the existing connection to the forest. An elongated pencil-shaped building composition allows to preserve the most significant groups of trees while respectfully inserting the new building between them. By developing the image of an open, democratic school, every member of the public can enter the site after-school hours.